Meet the Team!

FTC Team 18225

Our mission is to promote STEM and FIRST within our community to help establish the next generation of innovators!


Coach Jason

I'm Coach Jason, a civil engineer and mechanical design mentor. I helped form and develop the team by providing strategic guidance. I work closely with our mechanical team with training and purchasing robot parts, and helping our team handle administrative tasks.

Coach Liangshou

I'm Liangshou Wu, and I work for Google. I have been a mentor/coach for FLL and FTC for 4 years. I enjoy working with students in various FIRST programs. Specifically in FTC 18225, I have been focusing on coaching programming and mentoring other FTC teams.

Yinhai Wang

I'm Dr. Yinhai Wang, a professor in transportation engineering and the founding director of the STAR Lab at the University of Washington (UW). I work directly with the team to come up with new ideas and ways to move the team into a great direction in mechanical and outreach.


Lani Cao

Lynne Dong

Mark Ma

Mihir Jain

Patrick Tien

Xiaoxi Wang

The Team

Albert Lu


I'm Albert, a 7th grader at Tyee Middle School. This is my 3rd year in FIRST (2nd in FLL, 1st in FTC). I like to read, play the clarinet, and programming in my free time. I also have a science YouTube channel which I update weekly.

Allen Wu


I'm Allen, a freshman at Newport High School. This is my 2nd year of FTC, following 2 years of FLL. Outside of robotics, I'm extremely passionate about competitive programming and piano. I also enjoy playing basketball, tennis, volleyball, and hang out with friends!

Andrew Pai

Safety Captain

Drive / Mechanical

I'm Andrew, a 9th grader at Newport High School. This is my 1st year in both FTC and FRC. In my free time, I play various sports like tennis or basketball, hang out with friends, read books from the Mistborn series and the Grishaverse, play video games, and binge anime.

Andy Tien

CAD / Mech Lead

I'm Andy, a freshman at Newport High School. This is my 1st year of FTC, following 2 years of FLL. When I'm not dabbling in competitive and robotics mechanical engineering and programming, I enjoy playing soccer and violin.

Eesha Jain


I'm Eesha, a 9th grader at Interlake High School. This is my 5th year in FIRST (2 in FLL and 3 in FTC). In my free time, I enjoy web and app development, writing, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends.

Eugene Li


I'm Eugene, a freshman at Newport High School. This is my 2nd year of FTC following 1 year of FLL. Some fun facts about me are I have a passion for music, my favorite series is the Lord of the Rings trilogy, vanilla is my favorite icecream flavor, and I hate the sound of Velcro.

Julia Wang


I'm Julia, a sophomore at The Bush School. This is my 2nd year of FTC following 1 year of FLL. Some of my favorite things include golf, Pixar, astrology, Valorant, strawberry icecream, and the Land of Stories book series.

Rohit Venkatesan

CAD / Mechanical

I'm Rohit, an 8th grader at Evergreen Middle School. This is my 1st year of FTC following 1 year of FLL and 2 years of VEX (IQ). My current hobbies include reading, playing board games, and playing the piano and several percussion instruments.


Emma Shi

Team Co-Founder

I'm Emma, and I have 9 years of experience in FIRST (6th year in FTC), and enjoyed learning the disciplines of FIRST. As a co-captain, I led business and outreach aspects of our team, including mentoring our younger team members. Outside of robotics, I like to read, bake, listen to musicals, ski, and play games!

Erik Ma

Team Co-Founder

I'm Erik, and I have 3 years of experience in FIRST, and I have a big passion for engineering. As co-captain, I managed the overall architectural design of our robot (mechanical, programming, and CAD), led the drive team, and mentored students in robotics. In my free time, I love spending time with friends, hosting events, and playing ultimate frisbee!

Katrina Li

I'm Katrina, and I focused on business and outreach. I am really interested in how engineering can be used to solve current challenges in ethical ways. In my free time I enjoy baking, hiking, and watching documentaries.

Lucas Wu

I'm Lucas, and I have 3 years of experience in FTC, focusing mainly on documentation and hardware aspects of the robot. Outside of FIRST and robotics, I spend time studying math and chemistry, and enjoy reading novels and playing the piano in my free time.

Rishabh Venkatesan

I'm Rishabh, and I have 5 years of FIRST experience in both FTC and FRC. As a programmer, I have learned many techniques and solutions to common issues over my journey in FIRST! In my free time, I sketch cars, learn about new technologies, and play basketball for fun.