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FTC Team 18225

Our mission is to promote STEM and FIRST within our community to help establish the next generation of innovators!


Emma Shi


I'm Emma, and I have 9 years of experience in FIRST (6th year in FTC), and enjoyed learning the disciplines of FIRST. As a co-captain, I led business and outreach aspects of our team, including mentoring our younger team members. Outside of robotics, I like to read, bake, listen to musicals, ski, and play games!

Erik Ma


I'm Erik, and I have 3 years of experience in FIRST, and I have a big passion for engineering. As co-captain, I managed the overall architectural design of our robot (mechanical, programming, and CAD), led the drive team, and mentored students in robotics. In my free time, I love spending time with friends, hosting events, and playing ultimate frisbee!

Katrina Li


I'm Katrina, and I focused on business and outreach. I am really interested in how engineering can be used to solve current challenges in ethical ways. In my free time I enjoy baking, hiking, and watching documentaries.

Lucas Wu


I'm Lucas, and I have 3 years of experience in FTC, focusing mainly on documentation and hardware aspects of the robot. Outside of FIRST and robotics, I spend time studying math and chemistry, and enjoy reading novels and playing the piano in my free time.

Rishabh Venkatesan


I'm Rishabh, and I have 5 years of FIRST experience in both FTC and FRC. As a programmer, I have learned many techniques and solutions to common issues over my journey in FIRST! In my free time, I sketch cars, learn about new technologies, and play basketball for fun.